Eker I Run Sanal Koşu 2023

Date : 02-10-2023 - 15-10-2023

Location : Koşuya Uygun Her Yer



2K Virtual Race

02-10-2023 / 16-10-2023

Quota Left : 1449

0 ₺
5K Virtual Run

02-10-2023 / 16-10-2023

Quota Left : 1397

0 ₺
15K Virtual Run

02-10-2023 / 16-10-2023

Quota Left : 1446

0 ₺
42K Virtual Run

02-10-2023 / 16-10-2023

Quota Left : 1490

0 ₺
Virtual Skate Race

02-10-2023 / 16-10-2023

Quota Left : 1497

0 ₺


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1. I have read, understood, and accepted the rules of Sanal (Virtual) 10. Eker I RunVirtual Run I agree to make an honest and truthful declaration in my own home, within the framework of my possibilities, within the framework of sportive morality, gentlemen, and fair play. I understand and agree that I will be disqualified and out of action if the statements and data I entered are contradictory.

2. Due to the event is in a public area, I accept that I m responsible for obeying traffic and public rules.

3. Obeying the general traffic, property, and safety rules is racers' own responsibility. It is forbidden for them to use areas, passes, and methods that are declared illegal/out of bounds by the organization. The responsible party for the legal problems that might arise due to violation of this rule will solely be the participant; the organization cannot be held responsible in any way.

The organization may disqualify and don't accept applies from participants who don't respect or disturb other participants, staff, local people.

4. The participants who are found inconvenient for continuing the race by the referees or health personnel shall be prevented from the racing. This decision is final and unobjectionable. I accept I don't have any medical or physical problems joining that event.

5. I accept that rights of the photos, images, videos, and any kind of digital data taken during the race shall belong to the organization and no right can be demanded from them.

6. I declare and accept those; I gave information are about me are current and right. And Macera Akademisi LTD and its sponsors might send race announcements, news, or bulletins about new races via SMS or e-mail. The racer gives his consent on this issue at the registration.

7. I accept that Macera Akademisi has the right to share my name, surname, country, age, company details via websites, social media, and media with the aim of informing, dealing, or marketing.

8. I accept that Macera Akademisi can send me an e-mail or SMS about current or future events.

9. By that document; I accept on behalf of ‘me, my heirs, my managers, my envoys’, organization cant be held any responsible about injuries, loss, damages I may have before, during, or after that event. And there is no medical or physical problem to join that event.

if there are any inconsistencies between the Turkish version of the Terms and its translated version, the Turkish version of the Terms shall prevail over others.

Behalf of me and parent of the child, I accept all the rules and details written above, the written website of the event, written in the application form to join that event.

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